Monday, May 28, 2012

Whos been out in the sun the whole day with great collegues???

...ME!! :D
Not slept since yesterday.. but stil going strong!
Been in the sun with my collegues from Mango, worki´n on my tan ;)
The weather was super! The rest of the week is going to get colder so really happy I got
myself out today!
Got some help from Fabio, was calling me like 3times, "ur awake right?" "Still awake?"
"Ready for the beach?" So thnx Fabio for getting me up!

Sometimes I shine; After work yesterday I took out the chicken from the fridge, so when it was time to go in the morning all I needed was the spices and ready to go.

Was up buy 11:45 and picked up Fabio, around 12:30ish. Some more foodshopping, then downtown to meet up with the others.

When we got to the ferry, there was a que... a que that looked like it would last forever, afer a little back and fourth. We waited there for about an hour. Then off to the beach and the new tanlines :D

Fabio, Jennifer, Ly, Hio and Bjørnar borrowed a ball so they where playing beach vollyball.The rest was grilling and watching.

Mikias and Fabio even took a swim


    * Wine
   * Beer
   * Food
   * Mini grill
   * Good company
   *...and BabyOil.. ?!

           * Check!

Me :)


         So at pm. we took the last boat in to Oslo.
         From there we went to a Vietnamese Restaurant, Dailat...
        Pictures from there are comming :)