Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Grilling and wine...

My day started at 2:30pm, we were invited to my friend Stein´s house for some barbeque at 15pm. So we were ofc late, again, but only with 15min this time :) (yes, im always late..)

When we got there the grill was already warm and the burgers where sisseling (beef, chicken, burgers, corn and salad), the whitewine was cold and the temperature was not bad either..
It was a little colder than yesterday and the sun was gone behind the clouds most of the day, but still a great day and a good 7 hours of fun!

Whitewine, beer, food and fun meeting with friends I dont meet as often as I would like!

My friend just bought a house with a big terrace. So sitting out was great the first cupple of hours, then it got cold, so eating indoor was
a good idea.


I cant wait until friday! My good friend Kenneth´s birthday, a night
full of alcohol, Norwegian food and ofc thai food!

Most of all, im looking forward eating  Thai-food,
6 dishes he says :)