Friday, August 23, 2013

Lick my eye

New trend in Japan... of those trends I really hope stays in Japan!

A fetish is spreading in Japan where you lick your friend´s eye.
I can not see how this is arousing or erotic, so what is the reason for licking someones eye
- its straight on eye VS tongue... ?!?!

Doctors have concluded the practice can spread viral conjunctivitis or "Pink Eye," so if its not the fact that its disgusting, then that might be a good reason to not do it.. It can injure the eye and reduce sight - again, don´t do it :D

 - By the way.. what do you tell your doctor when your eye starts to hurt..

"ehhm, you see this girl... she was licking me.. IN THE EYE... soOo..."
Dr.BeRollingHe´sEys... "are you serious? "

The practice, in which teens show affection by licking their partner’s eyeballs, may have started with a scene in a music video released last year from the Japanese band Born, which features a dramatic slow-motion scene of oculolinctus.

Think i´ll just stick to
holding hands and kissing, stuff that’s been around for millions of years...

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