Tuesday, August 20, 2013

DealExtreme - buy your gifts here this year

Shopping in China, from home! 

Have you ever looked at a item in the shelves at the store and taught 
"this is probably bought in China for 1/10 of the price I'm looking at" ???
The answer is: it probably is.. :)

I buy thing from China all the time, I buy is headphones, knives, cables, shoes, shirts, extras for my phone, adapters and a whole lot of other stuff I just buy because its dirt cheep :D 

Check out this price.. in a store at the mall these would cost about 23$ here: 3,02$ BIG DIFFERENCE!!!

There are pros and cons here as everywhere:

* Really, really cheep
* Usually good quality
* A lot more to choose from than in your local store
* Some fun trips to the post office
* You get to buy things not everyone else has
* Its fun doing business from home - in China.. :)

* You might get a low quality product
* It takes a few weeks to get the item you bought
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