Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Wide Angle Lens from Sigma

As my desire for getting better at taking photo´s still grows I jumped to it when a friend of mine where selling he´s almost new Sigma Wide Angle Lens. New its about 600$ - I got mine for 250$ Of course I had to have it! If you wan to see what kind of camera I use, check it out here:

So far I have used it at every possible opportunity. I have searched Youtube for the best ways to use it and am still trying to get the hang of it. But no matter what, it still gives a good result.
The fun part about it is that when you get really close you get so deep pictures. 

The Wide Angle Lens information:
Because of its zoomed out nature, a wide angle lens is capable of capturing more in the frame than a zoom lens and is therefore considered to have a “wider” field of view. 
Though wide angle lenses are most often thought of in relation to landscapes, they actually have a wide variety of applications in all kinds of settings.
         - I found some good info here:

If this got you curious on wide angle lens photo, see some pictures taken with a wide angle lens here:

Good luck with your photos!