Sunday, March 24, 2013

Do you work with Recruitment

This month I just started a new career - I have jumped in to Recruiting with both feet.
And its everything I
thought, but its also tougher that I thought :D 

 I imagined there where lots of people out there looking for work - and jobs looking for good people.
I don't think I was totally wrong, but the lots of people... out of the mass there are some surprises.
People are saying that they are coming for an interview and then don´t show up, some come totally unprepared.
So I'm searching Internet to learn more about my job, looking all over. I have come up with some good places to learn, but still looking for more.

If you where to learn The Recruiter work - What would you start off with?
Would it be, Holding Interviews?
Would it be, How to get in contact with the right job seekers?
Would it be, How to talk to the candidate on the phone?
Or would it be something else I have not yet tough about?

Do you know the secrets to Recruiting - and would you share?

Would you make a guest comment here on my blog, send me a mail:

The company I'm working for specializes withing the recruitment of sales personnel in Oslo / Norway. 
We have some big customers and have our hands full being a little company. But we do also have a lot of fun doing it, learning new things and enjoy meeting new and exciting people!

Webcruiter had a great meeting om Friday where people interested in recruiting where all there to mingle and learn. There where people there from witch is one of Norway's main newspapers among other big companies. I had a blast meeting so many interested and social people!

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