Monday, April 1, 2013

7RED Casino

I have friends that live off the Internet only by playing Poker!

I don't understand how, but it seams to work out fin for them - some even get invited to other countries just to play a tournament! That's cool!
I would actually love to get invited to LasVegas to play a game or anywhere else for that matter, being invited somewhere to play, that's awesome no matter what country you go to for free...
Me, i have never tried, I'm a little to afraid to loose !
As I have talked with some of t my friends they have recommended some places to go and test it out. One of these places was, so I'm thinking of giving it a shot! What do you think?

Do you play at ?
Good or bad, send me a comment below :)

If your like me, just want to test it, check out the link on the picture...
(the link is Norwegian, but you can get to the american page there to..)