Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mallorca - The RoadTrip :D Day 7

Almost everything that could go wrong went wrong today :D
#1 We didn't wake up by the alarm!
So we where up by 10:30am instead of 08:00am (we could have the car from 09:00)
And automatically skipped the breakfast:(unwillingly)
#2 Got to the car rentals, got the key, took pictures of the car (so we would not get scammed on delivery)
Fiat Panda - The coolest car in Mallorca :P

#3 Started my phone - was fully loaded for the trip - planning on using the great free GPS ( #Waze ) and use Internet to get updated on our whereabouts and what to see + was planning to meet some friends in Alcudia..
Black screen :(

 Once I got home I called my friend Fabio! He works at NetCom Store @ StorO shopping in Oslo, he has the best service on phones and such in Oslo!!! He said "no problem, I fix.. you need a rental phone while you wait?

#4 Drove around, and around, and around in Alcudia without seeing much! Cuz we didn't have a GPS :D
#5 Ended up seeing a lot of freeway and 1 beach the whole Road Trip! But! We had fun!  
Helene was singing (felt like the whole way to Alcudia... :D )

#6 Took a lunch in Inca
The best food in Mallorca is actually... Bread with Aoli!! :)D

Jummy, Bread with Aioli!!

#7 Drove to Can Picafort, but we didn't and up at the beach there so we drove to the beach of Carla Ratjada instead.. After a long drive back and forth we found it :D Was a nice beach there so we took a swim!
Helene at the beach!!!

Me at the beach!!! :D

#8 Had to deliver the car at max 8:15pm so we had to drive from the beach at 6:15...
just made it on the minute! Was at the car rentals at 8:15pm :D
#9 Took a pause at the Hotel, a shower and a break
#10 Out for dinner! Was going to a Thai restaurant, but didn't find it...
Got hungry and just gave a fuck..
ended up at The Q Lounge
Helene at the Q Lounge

Me at The Q Lounge

# 11 Then some drinks

 #12 Got tipsy and went home around! Breaking Bad S5 E2 :D

Get smarter!!! :D

In Alcudia

Near The Gates of Alcudia

Climb it!! :D

The palm in Palma?".. Nooo...In Alcudia :D

Just have to tell you.. Helene made me :D My first #planking haha!

The Gates of Alcudia

Right it is... ---->

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